Thank you General.



  1. Eric Hughes says:

    Rest in Peace Sir, proud to of served under your command. Semper Fi!

    2nd Bn 4th Marines – Operation Desert Storm 1991.

  2. Mike LeKane says:

    Rest in Peace Sir. I met him once……..at a barber shop, in Tampa. I needed a haircut, I asked my Dad where he got his cut and he gave me directions. I walked in the shop and there sat The General getting his ears lowered. I guess all retired officers think alike……and even get there haircut at the same place!! He was like John Housman on the old EF Hutton commercials. When The General talked……you listened!! What an Honorable and Respectable man!!

    Later on my brother, Scott, got the chance to be his physical therapists. It was a real treat for Scott, because he served under The General during Desert Storm. Scott told me, the first time he walked up to The General’s house for therapy, he knees were knocking!! As the son of a retired offtcer, you develop a certain kind of respect for Men like Schwarzkopf.