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Throughout time there have been many renditions of the most beautiful Christmas songs ever written. There have been string instrumentals… Hand bell choirs…. Choruses have sung from balconies….. Carolers have harmonized on the street… Woodwinds have gently played them and warmed our hearts…….

But never…..EVER…..NEVER!!!!!…. have you heard of a Trumpet Christmas.

Being a trumpet player, I know know why there never was a trumpet Christmas. We have all sworn an oath to protect why, in fact, there is no trumpet Christmas…..  Those reasons were shrouded in secrecy…. Until now.

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  1. I am also a trumpeter. I always join my church music troop. I play trumpet for parties also. Really I never heard about trumpet Christmas. Being a trumpeter I’m very happy to listen to the music. I wish I could join the trumpeters.