Bob and Weave

With the election now behind, one would think that someone forgot to tell the president that he no longer needs to campaign but that’s exactly what his “presser” sounded like yesterday. I guess that’s what you get when you hire somebody who only knows how to campaign…..

During his speech, Owebama got a bit pissed off at ANY senator who is dissing his girl, Susan Rice. He’s angry that they are making her the scapegoat for the false reports of the video causing the Benghazi attacks…. He’s so scary when he’s angry…..

Thems is FIGHTIN’ WORDS…. Chicago style.

One question Mr. Owebama……

If you don’t want here to be a scapegoat, why did you put her out there on 5 different news outlets to spew blatant lies about what happened?

She’s not a scapegoat…. She’s a fall guy and the president, himself, put her out there.

Please tell us again how “mad” you are……

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