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Yeah….. A Phone and a Pen.


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Big Steaming Bag of Stupid….

This is NY mayor Bill de Blazio.

He just blamed the weather services poor forecast for his incompetence in the handling of this weeks snow storm.

He believes global warming is real.

You just can’t make up this kind of stupid…..


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Here’s a sample of real world definitions according to Webster’s Online Dictionary

You: pronoun

—used to refer to the person or group of people that is being addressed as the subject of a verb or as the object of a verb or preposition

—used to refer to any person or to people in general

We: pronoun

– I and the rest of a group that includes me :  you and I :  you and I and another or others :  I and another or others not including you —used as pronoun of the first person plural


Obamafinitions are definitions that are added to our language as the supreme leader deems necessary to cover his lying hiney…. Here are the Obamafinitions of the above words.

We: pronoun

– The Government

You: pronoun

– We

So now when you hear Dear Leader say ” If YOU like your insurance or your doctor, YOU can keep them.”

Get it???

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True Colors

Do you remember that song by Cyndi Lauper? Cyndi has been quite vocal in her disapproval with President Obama. I think maybe it’s time she rewrite the lyrics to reflect a vindictive little president rather than it being a cute love song.

At no time in recent history has a president shown so much disdain for the citizens of this great nation especially military vets. Perhaps he has forgotten that he’s an employee of the people rather than a king.

Cross post Fairly Conservative.

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Monday Morning G.O.T.O.

How can you tell that Tammy Baldwin is a Lying Sack of Socialist?????

When she approves a message claiming an endorsement from the NEUTRAL MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL!!!!

Neutral??!!!! Damn near wet my pants I was laughing so hard…

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The Vaccinator In Chief

This from our president during his days in the Illinois Senate……

“The trick… is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pool resources and, hence, facilitate some redistribution, because I actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level, to make sure that everybody’s got a shot.”

Just like Terrell Buckley, the president wants to GIVE Y’ALL A SHOT!!!!

….. well…. not quite everybody.

The “RICH” folks of the country that pay taxes would be the vile of cash from which to draw the funds for redistribution from…..

….. but don’t call him a socialist or communist even when his own words prove that he is.

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Those Sexist Democrats….

Here’s the poop on the War Against Women”…

It’s the democrats……. THE DEMOCRATS!!!!

The republicans of the state of Wisconsin, in 2010, elected a woman to be Lt. Governor. Second only to the Governor as the highest ranking elected official in Wisconsin…. The democrats of this state are now recalling the Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch…… a woman…… Who are the democrats running to unseat Rebecca???Ira Robins and Mahlon Mitchell…..


This just proves that democrats are sexist and HATE women. There can be no other reason for wanting to recall Lt. Governor Kleefisch.


I invite all you lefties out there to prove me wrong but I ask you to keep in mind what you say about conservatives not liking President Obama….. Remember???? It’s not that we don’t like his policies or his socialist agenda….. It’s because we’re all a bunch of ___________!!!!!!!

Do you remember now?

Now be consistent…..

Shhhhhhhh………. (queue the crickets….)

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I Know You Are But What Am I??

France: Raise taxes and drastically increase government spending and entitlements = Socialist

United States: Raise taxes and drastically increase government spending and entitlements = Moderate Democrat…… and if you call him a socialist you’re considered a divisive lunatic and RACIST!!!!

PM elect Hollande of France is proud to be a socialist…… What is Obama afraid of?

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The Right To Choose…….. or not….

The democrats in this country are all about the freedom of choice, or so they say. When it comes to choosing whether or not a baby should live, they’re all for choice but when you go after their money… LOOK OUT!!!!

A Michigan teacher recognized that DA UNION didn’t really give a rip about the kids or the school and decided he no longer wanted to be a  unionista……. DA UNION didn’t take too kindly to that.

GRANT, Mich.  – Ever wonder what it costs to quit a labor union?

For one Michigan educator, the annual costs of “non-membership” in the local, state and national teacher unions total $544.28.

But Andrew Buikema, 10-year teacher with Grant Public Schools, is willing to pay the price, just for the privilege of being seen as a true professional, instead of a union worker.

Michigan is not a “right to work” state, which means Buikema’s job is still affected by the district’s contract with the local teachers union, the Grant Education Association. The GEA is affiliated with the Michigan Education Association and the National Education Association.

Buikema has been trying to leave the union since last spring, when he realized that GEA leaders were uninterested in helping the district control costs, even in the face of a multi-million dollar deficit.

By refusing to make wage and benefit concessions, the union contributed to conditions that led to 27 teachers – including Buikema – receiving layoff notices. The district was also forced into making cuts to student academic and extracurricular programs.

Buikema’s job was saved at the last minute, but he was disgusted by the union’s selfishness.

 The union’s intransigence convinced Buikema that “the union doesn’t care about kids.”

“They keep asking for more and more, even though the school district can’t afford it,” he told EAG. “They’re concerned about taking care of the adults and have no consideration for the kids. I don’t want to be part of an organization that says one thing and does another,” he said.

Buikema said he was “raked over the coals” by his local union leaders when he suggested the GEA could help alleviate the district’s financial woes – and possibly help save some teaching jobs – by switching from union-owned and operated MESSA health insurance to a less expensive carrier.

Buikema estimated that the district could save between $530,000 and $980,000 annually.

Not only did local union leaders not like Buikema’s idea, but they verbally attacked him for even suggesting it.

“The amount of flak I got, particularly from veteran teachers, was ridiculous to the point of being unprofessional,” he said.

Buikema was also put off by the NEA’s new $10 levy on members to help re-elect President Obama.

“It’s the principle involved,” Buikema said at the time. “They’re taking money to support a candidate that members may or may not support. That’s a very big deal.”

So much for choice……


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FALK YOU!!!!!!

I had the misfortune of listening to the ramblings of that liberal darling of Madistan, Kathleen Falk, on Wisconsin’s Afternoon News on WTMJ. The interview left me asking only one question…….

“What color is the sky in your world, Kathleen???”

She’s running for governor of Wisconsin because Scott Walker has basically ruined the state. How you ask?

Apparently Governor Walker is responsible for the largest cut to education since the invention of public education. What do I say???


If you feel the need to place blame for the reduction in funds for education, you might want to crank up the old wall phone and call your buddy Diamond Jim Doyle  and his pal Oblahblah and ask them about that. You see Kathleen, Jimmy Boy took a bunch of money from the Federal Government  to help feed the beast that is WEAC. Those funds are no longer available. If the money isn’t available to spend, you can’t add it to the education budget. You could have figured this out by applying some basic economic principles and math skills……. or ………… Maybe your lying…Hmmmmmmm.

What other madness is Governor Walker responsible for??? Did you know he gave 2 BILLION dollars in tax breaks to BIG YUCKY BUSINESS?????…… Once again kathleen….


Tax breaks are only available for businesses relocating to Wisconsin that hire Wisconsinites….. HOW EVIL!!!!!

Kathleen also complained about all of the jobs that were lost since Governor Walker has been in office even though the DWD is reporting that over 21,000 more people are employed in this state than the same time last year…… again with the basic math Kathy….

This is what the recall season is going to be like. One lie and misleading statement after another. I guess that’s just a normal election campaign for a democrat……

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The award for the most ridiculous sign of the recall season goes to this little gem…..



So unions, who make up 15% of the work force in Wisconsin, want to RECLAIM a 3BILLION dollar structural deficit

The unions want to RECLAIM  higher taxes.

The unions want RECLAIM local budgets that would call for the layoffs of hundreds of public employees including *GASP*…. TEACHERS

What kind of “RECLAMATION” is that? It sounds more like the Greecification of Wisconsin…. or maybe the Spainification or any one of those socialist countryfications……

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Oh So Clueless………

The “Dude” in the White House tells 60 Minutes that it wasn’t his policies that were rejected, it was a lack of communication on his part…..


We got the memo and understood it’s meaning COMPLETELY.

Please let your arrogance continue for the next 2 years, it’ll do ya wonders in the next election. Just ask Russ Feingold how well it worked for him!!!


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Yeah…. About All That Hope And Change Stuff……

Here are the headlines after 20 months of all this Hopey Changey crap all you lefties and Kool-Ade drinkin’ fools voted for…

Private Sector Hiring in Sept. Falls 39,000...

Food Stamp Recipients at Record 41.8 Million Americans...

GOLDMAN SACHS: Economy 'fairly bad' or 'very bad' over next 6 months...

New Yorkers' Income Falls for 1st Time in 70 Years...

Can someone please explain to me how this is good.

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The Power Of A Pen…..

…… When it’s in the hands of a liberal lunatic..

H/T: Mr. Econ

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Greece Fire

So now the rest of the world including the US has been charged with bailing out the EU, mainly Greece, from it’s financial obligations. These socialist nations have enabled employee unions and socialized medicine to drive them into financial oblivion.

Wouldn’t it be nice if a certain president and political representatives of a certain country would look at what’s happening in Europe and possibly get a clue???

A guy can dream ya know…

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Seeing The Writing On The Wall……

OBEY OUT!!!!!!


House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey (D-Wisconsin) is expected to announce he won’t run for re-election during a noon press conference.

The Journal Sentinel’s Diana Marrero is in Washington and headed to Obey’s press conference.

Obey has roughly $1 million in the bank to defend the congressional seat he could use to hold for more than 40 years. That amounts to five times the campaign cash held by his strongest GOP challenger, Republican Sean Duffy. However, Duffy has been getting national press coverage for his campaign and a great deal of buzz within Republican circles.

Another socialist bites the dust…….. Hee hee hee hee hee…..

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Enough Already…..

In an effort to try to raise a little bit of revenue, some airlines are charging passengers for carry on luggage. Right on cue, the democrats want to pass a law prohibiting the airlines from doing so….


Airlines would be prohibited from charging fees for carry-on bags, according to U.S. Senate legislation introduced to counter a new luggage fee of up to $45 at the low-cost carrier Spirit.

The bill’s sponsors — the Democrats Benjamin Cardin of Maryland and Mary Landrieu of Louisiana — said carry-ons often contain personal items that are ‘‘important for the safety and health’’ of travelers, including medication, personal care products and eyewear.

Spirit announced this month that it would charge up to $45 for carry-on luggage stowed in overhead compartments and would decrease base fares by a similar amount. Spirit is also decreasing checked-bag fees. The changes take effect for travel starting Aug. 1.

Why do the dumocrats feel it necessary to jam their stinky little fingers into every aspect of our lives? Can somebody PUHLEEEASE explain this to me?

I have an idea…. If you don’t want to pay the fee, don’t fly on that particular airline. If they all start charging, why don’t you drive or take your precious choo choo to your destination.


H/T:  S.U.

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The REAL Reason Health Crap Was Passed….

Straight from the yapper of Max Baucus….

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Nope….. No socialism here……

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Oh Please Explain To Me Again How This Isn’t Socialism……

Rep. John Dingell spills the beans…..

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The Precursor

Well the Queen has spoken and this is the beginning of a single payer system…

Asked if insurance companies might raise their rates on health coverage and blame the increases on the new health-care bill, Pelosi said that the insurance companies should be aware that they’re not “automatically included” in the new health exchanges the bill creates.

“Unless they do the right thing, they’re not going in,” she said. “They will be relinquishing the possibility of having taxpayer-subsidized consumers in the exchange,” she said.


The insurance companies will have no choice but to raise rates due to all of the mandates put in place. One by one the libs will kick out insurance companies from the exchanges until there is only one left………

Hmmmmmm……. I wonder which “insurance company” that will be.

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