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An Olive Is Not An Olive

When I was a kid my parents had a cottage in the north woods. We always loved watching the local news and TV shows because the local talent was just so fun to watch!!! They had that up nort, Yooper, almost red neckie type charm!!! One of our favorites was The Spice King Jim Ford… WHAT A HOOT!! The company he was hawking spices for also sold olive and his line for the commercial was “an olive is not an olive”… I can’t remember the rest but we always snickered when we heard that. We still do! Jim was such a goof.

What does this have to do with anything?

Well I couldn’t help but hear the president say saying that adding a trillion dollar cap to the debt ceiling would not add a SINGLE DIME to the debt… What???

A trillion is not a trillion…. SHEEESH it’s not even a dime!!

Suddenly the Spice King isn’t the only one looking so Yooper goofy. At least I had a choice of whether or not I wanted to buy his olives.

……. and the Main Stream Media still gushes.

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Sequest1 sequest2

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Fair Share?

Here’s an overview of who pays what as far as taxes go…..

Apparently the bottom 50% don’t feel that 37% of all tax revenue being paid by the top 1% is fair.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Economics was a  required class in High School?

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Jay Carney was, again, at his Baghdad Bob podium scolding the republicans as being irresponsible for rejecting President Owebama’s latest proposal to avoid the “Fiscal Cliff”……

That proposal was delivered and presented by financial genius Timmy “It was an accounting error” Geithner because Owebama was too busy doing the only thing he knows……. Campaigning.

Ironically the proposal that caused Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, to burst out in laughter was the same BUDGET proposal that Owebama submitted to the Senate earlier this year……

Owebama’s budget was reject on a BIPARTISAN vote of 99-0.

….. but the republicans are irresponsible.

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MacrObamanomics 101

I was reading an article somewhere a couple of days ago about the economy and, of course, the evils of rich people. When checking the comments, I found one that read something like this……. and they were serious….

Why doesn’t the government just print more money so employers can pay everybody more! Everybody would live comfortably and nobody would have any problems paying for houses, food or health care….

I’m going to borrow a phrase from our old buddy, Syndrome………

Oh, I’m real. Real enough to defeat you! And I did it without your precious gifts, your oh-so-special MONEY. I’ll give them MONEY. I’ll give them the most spectacular MONEY the world has ever seen! And when I’m old and I’ve had my fun, I’ll give my MONEY so that *everyone* can be RICH. *Everyone* can be RICH! And when everyone’s RICH… no one will be……

I changed it a little.

SyndrObama….. Kinda like a super villain… Looks like we’ll have to find another Mr. Incredible for 2016

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Captain Confidence…..

So the President took over the airwaves today to explain our financial problems. Apparently all of our problems are due to weather, earthquakes and Europe. After blaming EVERYTHING but out of control spending and the politicians in Washington’s reluctance to actually do anything about it, he proclaimed the only way to fix out of control spending was to ASK… yes I said ASK……. Ask those who can afford it to pay a little bit more.

Translation……. TAX HIKES.

What a confidence inspiring speech.

After the speech (almost instantaneously) the DJIA losses doubled.

The DOW closed at 10,810 losing 633 points. NASDAQ was down 175. The S&P lost 80.

Not sure what inspired old Barry to drag himself off the golf course and open up his yapper but I think the country is really much better off when he’s at the links…….

That Hope and Change stuff sure smells a lot  like Obama stepped in a whole lot of goose poop by the water hazard…

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The best political commercial EVAHHHHHHHHH!!!

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Charles In Charge

On big reason why G.E. doesn’t pay any taxes…. Rep. Charlie Rangel D-NY.

In 2008, Rangel was head of the Ways and Means Committee which was going to let a HUGE tax shelter expire. That tax shelter would have greatly affected G.E.

G.E. sent lobbyist to Washington….. To Rangel’s office.

The tax loophole stayed in place.

A month later New York City was awarded a 30 million dollars by G.E. for it’s schools. 11 million of that went to the schools in Rangel’s district. It was the largest amount EVER donated to NY schools.


G.E.’s response:

G.E. officials say the donation was granted solely on the merit of the project. “The foundation goes to great lengths to ensure grant decisions are not influenced by company government relations or lobbying priorities,”

The next paragraph in the story:

Mr. Rangel, who was censured by Congress last year for soliciting donations from corporations and executives with business before his committee, said this month that the donation was unrelated to his official actions.

Of course we should trust Charlie Rangel. A man with such great integrity.


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As The Packers Win, So do Taxpayers….

Jimi has his G.O.T.O. on with this post from Facebook:

It’s just been pointed out to me that with the Packers beating the Bears, the taxpayers saved millions of dollars. Think of it… had the Bears won, Obama and family would have attended the Superbowl on Air Force One . . . all the limos, security, entourage, and staff. Millions. So, we can all be thankful to the Green Bay Packers!!

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Compromise? That’s Chicken Crap!!!

A little history….

In 2001, a law was passed by the federal government that lowered the tax rate for American tax payers. At the time, democrats thought it was a great idea to add a sunset to the bill so theses tax cuts would expire in 2011. Now even thought the tax cuts affected all tax payers, all we heard for the next 8 or 9 years was “The Bush Tax Cuts for the WEALTHY”….. Gosh….. I didn’t know I was wealthy.

In 2006 the democrats took control of congress…… The economy tanks soon after.

In 2008 the majority of Americans bought a huge crap sandwich called the Hopey Changey filled Baguette with a side of fried BS.

In 2010, many sandwich munchers decided that a cheap pizza topped with conservative common sense and a spot of TEA was better…. YUM!!!

As the end 2010 nears, the democrats in charge are now scrambling to get the current tax law extended to protect middle class tax payers BUT WAIT!!!! Weren’t those tax rates or “cuts”, as they were (and still are) called, just for the rich? I guess they’re only for the rich if it’s convenient for the lie the democrats are telling at the time……. Any way, the only way democrats can survive is if they extend the current tax laws BEFORE they expire in 2011. There is no reason for the republicans to compromise on ANYTHING that democrats are trying to pass before the lame duck session is up.

I say “Let em crash.”

The tax rate law should be allowed to expire and a new, permanent law should be passed in it’s place when the new congress is seated in early January. Do you really think the democrats and the president will deny tax “cuts” for anyone in this economy??? I don’t think so…..

No compromise…… No deals. They made the sandwich…. Let them eat it.

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The Summer Of Recovery!!!!!!

……… or not

Of course this is all so UNEXPECTED…..

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From Polaris To Solaris….

Another one bites the dust in Wisconsin….


Osceola – Polaris Industries Inc. says it will shut down it plant in the western Wisconsin city of Osceola.

KARE-TV reports that police were outside the plant when officials announced the closure Thursday.

The Medina, Minn.-based maker of snowmobiles, ATVs and Victory motorcycles says it’s moving many of the operations to a new facility in the Monterrey-Saltillo area of Mexico.

Polaris will continue to make snowmobiles in Roseau, Minn., and motorcycles in Spirit Lake, Iowa. Some operations will be moved to Roseau and Spirit Lake.

Polaris also says it’s negotiating to sell some of its parts manufacturing processes and equipment in Osceola to suppliers who’d continue making components there.

Polaris is one of Polk County’s largest employers with several hundred positions.

Gov. Jim Doyle issued a statement late Thursday saying the decision was “difficult to accept” and that the state would provide resources necessary to help the community with services and assistance to workers and their families. He also said the state would pursue new possibilities for the facility and “do everything possible to keep jobs in Osceola.”

Score yet another victory for the Doyle Administration…… No pun intended.

I’m still trying to figure out why Fox 6 spent 12 seconds on this story while it sends a reporter to cover the Obama efigy burning non-story…..

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A Little Message For AARP

Regarding that commercial with the little diddy asking for support for the Financial bill. You mention the people who caused the melt down might be those evil folks on Wall Street…..


The people who had the biggest part in the melt down are a bunch of old guys in Congress. You may want to have a talk with them……

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A Little Reminder…..

The democrats passed PAY-GO.

PAY-GO is the reason why Sen. Bunning is holding up the bill extending jobless benefits. He’s simply following the rules put in place by the democrats.

A little commentary from the Reasonable Citizen.

The Democrat smear machine came out of the gate to belittle the Senator. Imagine that. Somebody finally thinks about how to pay for something  and he is castigated by the opposition party. You know which ones have become the hypocrites now.

Isn’t it a bit ironic that the party of PAY-GO now wants nothing to do with paying as you go?

The party that blames Bush for everything has no one to blame here but themselves.

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An email from Banker Dude……

Written by Jeff Thredgold, CSP, President, Thredgold Economic Associates

Following the Democratic election (and health care bill) disaster in Massachusetts last week, the President noted that voters, in general, “don’t get it.” He stated that he needs to be clearer as to what he and the Democratic Congress are trying to do.

He spoke in recent days about…let’s see…greater government involvement in child care tax credits; greater government involvement in minimizing the pain of paying back student loans for higher education; greater government involvement in helping people save for retirement; and greater government involvement in elder care assistance.

Each of these issues is desirable on their own.  However, each issue, along with hundreds of others, carries a common theme…greater government involvement.  Greater government mandates and greater government red-tape, leading to greater government budget deficits and greater consumer anxiety about what tomorrow holds.

The Administration and the Democratic Congress wonder why American companies, especially small businesses, are not creating new jobs.  I would suggest the Administration and the Congress don’t get it.

Business owners and managers of any size company see a number of major impediments over the next few years…

1) Rising health care costs for their employees.  These managers can at least breathe a sigh of relief that the enormously costly health care mess that was passed in different versions by both the Senate and the House of Representatives won’t come to pass. Note:  We do need health care reform. But it must include such things as tort reform, allowing health care insurers in one state to compete in other states, more consumer choice, and some form of portability.  A scaled-down plan that could be supported by both sides of the political aisle is now more likely

2) Potential “cap & trade” legislation to boost business costs. This is one more issue to keep managers awake at night.  The good news here is that a weakened Administration and Congress are unlikely to move quickly in this area.  Moreover, the green movement and efforts to conserve energy usage by both businesses and consumers have become much more mainstream, helping to achieve successes in reducing carbon emissions, without a government mandate

3) Employers see sharply higher taxes on the horizon, one more impediment to new job creation.  Successful employers see higher income tax rates coming, higher dividend tax rates coming, higher capital gains tax rates coming, possibly higher withholding for Medicare coming, yada yada yada

4) Many states and local communities are imposing and will impose greater costs on local businesses as a means of generating greater “fee” income to help offset declines in sales taxes, property taxes, and income taxes. Many already high-cost states will simply drive their most valued businesses across state borders to more “business friendly” environs

5) Business owners and managers are fearful of government out of control when it comes to budget deficits, and fear the longer-term implications on our children and grandchildren. The government announced yesterday a revised budget deficit estimate for this fiscal year of $1.35 trillion, versus a record $1.4 trillion deficit last year.  That improvement still results in a budget deficit of $154,000,000 every 60 minutes!

My simple definition of economics is “people respond to incentives.” The disincentives to add jobs in this country are formidable.

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From Pew Research….

Can  Al Gore be more irrelevant???

Applying the “Suck-O-Meter” to the top 3 listed as it pertains to how the current administration and congress are handling things would be WAY too easy.

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Executive Offshore Outsourcing

Well this should make the union folks happy!!!

H/T: Julie the Real Estate Lady

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Sure You Can Go!!!!! We’re Not Paying For It!!!!!!

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is not revealing the price tag of the congressional junket to Copenhagen…. Why should she care???? It’s not her money…

CBS News:

They were joined by 17 colleagues: Democrats: Waxman, Miller, Markey, Gordon, Levin, Blumenauer, DeGette, Inslee, Ryan, Butterfield, Cleaver, Giffords, and Republicans: Barton, Upton, Moore Capito, Sullivan, Blackburn and Sensenbrenner.

That’s not the half of it. But finding out more was a bit like trying to get the keys to Ft. Knox. Many referred us to Speaker Pelosi who wouldn’t agree to an interview. Her office said it “will comply with disclosure requirements” but wouldn’t give us cost estimates or even tell us where they all stayed.


Senator Inhofe (R-OK) is one of the few who provided us any detail. He attended the summit on his own for just a few hours, to give an “opposing view.”

“They’re going because it’s the biggest party of the year,” Sen. Inhofe said. “The worst thing that happened there is they ran out of caviar.”

Our investigation found that the congressional delegation was so large, it needed three military jets: two 737’s and a Gulfstream Five — up to 64 passengers — traveling in luxurious comfort.

Add senators and staff, most of whom flew commercial, and we counted at least 101 Congress-related attendees. All for a summit that failed to deliver a global climate deal.

That’s a mighty big carbon footprint just for a chance to party with Pelosi…….. (Gosh…. That doesn’t even sound fun..)

I wonder when the folks in our government will notice that we’re having some economic problems here in the United States.

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Government For The Government, By The Government.

Here’s what happens when the left is in charge….

Kinda hard to argue with that…..

WAIT!!!!! It’s George Bush’s fault…….. or Scott Walker…. Hmmmm.

H/T: Ol’Broad

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It’s all yours……

A majority of Americans didn’t want this healthcare bill but it didn’t matter. Sen Harry Reid bought the votes he needed to pass this POS. So much for integrity. So much for an oath to protect the Constitution. So much for constituency.

When this POS passes on Christmas Eve and is then reconciled with the House version….. It’s yours.

When this leads to a public option….. It’s yours.

When it fails, and it will, it’s yours.

When the debt this legislation creates goes spiraling out of control…… It’s yours.

I’m not going to say I told ya so now but that day will come…..

My only hope is that the right can do something about this after they take the elections in 2010 and 2012.

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