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POP QUIZ!!!!!!!

One question and one question only today……

Who can explain the “Tax breaks for big corporations” that the union folk are complaining about????

Talk amongst yourselves….. This is open book.

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From Vicki McKenna on Facebook via Wispolitics

Senate GOP leaders requiring missing Dems to pick up checks in person

In their latest attempt to force Dems back to the Senate, GOP leaders have voted to require their missing counterparts to pick up their paychecks, per diems or any expense check in person on the chamber floor.

Senate Org voted by paper ballot today 3-2 along party lines to impose the requirement on any senator absent without leave for two or more days.

The ballot also suspends direct deposit for any lawmaker absent and specifies the majority leader will only provide the checks to the missing senators and only on the Senate floor during a session day.

No worky….. No money…

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Today In MadAthens Wisconsin

The legislature is back in session without the Fleebagging Dembeneks……

I’m thinking it’s a good day to get a lot of work done in the legislature.

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