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Barack Obama: Military GENIUS!!

President Obama has announced that his plans for military operations in Syria include degrading Assad’s military capabilities….. The first steps to Insure this objective is met have been set in to motion with Obama’s announcement of his candidacy for president of Syria and the opening of campaign offices throughout the country. Obama was quoted, off prompter, as saying; “Well uhhhhhh have you seen uhhhhhh what I’ve done to the Worlds greatest military?? Just imagine uhhhhh what I can do uhhhhhh to Syria’s military uhhhhhh in about uhhhhhhh 10 minutes after I’m uhhhhhhhh elected”!!!!!!

It has been reported that Barack Obama has, once again, changed his name. He will now be known as Bashar al-O-Bomb-A. His plan is to appeal to both the Assad loyalists and the al-Qaeda terrorists the United States are currently supporting in the civil war.

Film at 11.

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Question of the Day

So if alcoholism and obesity are considered diseases, which could garner you some kind of disability benefit from the government, why isn’t smoking considered a disability as well?

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Banning The Box Truck

So the anti gun zealots are calling for the banning of firearms with high capacity magazines or “assault weapons” as they like to call them. If capacity is a problem then I propose a measure to ban all BOX TRUCKS!!!

Ban box trucks???

That’s right….. A box truck, compared to a mini van, is a high capacity delivery system for explosives. The proof is the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. 168 people were killed including 19 children at a daycare. Over 600 were wounded as well. Most of that carnage could have been avoided if only there were no large box trucks, “assault trucks” as I like to call them,  with which to deliver such a large amount of explosives. Making such vehicles illegal will make it impossible for these types of mass murders to ever happen again.

Sound ridiculous???

Yeah…….. Thought so..

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Is Failure The Only Option?

Unfortunately I feel it is…… I’ve felt this since outcome of the election and to hear Jerry Bott talking today made me want to spill my guts… I know this will not sit well with most of the people I know but we have to look at the big picture. The fact is, we’re stuck Owebama for the next 4 years and there’s nothing we can do about it. The democrats have the upper hand and they think they have a mandate so let’s let them believe it.

The republicans should agree to the purposed democrat tax hikes….

Put the ball back in their court. Let them tell us what cuts are going to be made…. LET THEM OWN THIS!!!

They’re looking for this fight. It’s another shiny object that the democrats are putting out there, along with their partners in the media, to set the republicans up for failure.

If we hold out and January 1st passes, the only people that will be blamed will be the republicans… We don’t have the media on our side and we can’t count on them to air our arguments or even the real facts for that matter. If we don’t take part in the process but at the same time we don’t stall the process, the democrats will completely own the failure….. and it will fail.

Is this going to hurt? You bet it will. People will lose jobs. Stocks will tank and tax revenue will decline and the deficit will keep going through the roof. When this happens there will be nobody to blame except the democrats and Owebama.

Remember…. All of this PLUS the full implementation of Owebamacare is going to happen before the 2014 election cycle and imminent democrat failure will get us back to a republican controlled legislature and an ineffective lame duck Owebama.


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MacrObamanomics 101

I was reading an article somewhere a couple of days ago about the economy and, of course, the evils of rich people. When checking the comments, I found one that read something like this……. and they were serious….

Why doesn’t the government just print more money so employers can pay everybody more! Everybody would live comfortably and nobody would have any problems paying for houses, food or health care….

I’m going to borrow a phrase from our old buddy, Syndrome………

Oh, I’m real. Real enough to defeat you! And I did it without your precious gifts, your oh-so-special MONEY. I’ll give them MONEY. I’ll give them the most spectacular MONEY the world has ever seen! And when I’m old and I’ve had my fun, I’ll give my MONEY so that *everyone* can be RICH. *Everyone* can be RICH! And when everyone’s RICH… no one will be……

I changed it a little.

SyndrObama….. Kinda like a super villain… Looks like we’ll have to find another Mr. Incredible for 2016

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So The Election Is Over……. Now What?

Election day has come and gone. The commercials are over… YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT!! The robo calls have stopped and now that the dust has settled, Barack Owebama is still president….. for four more years.

What can we expect now that the electorate has spoken? Here’s my take…

Now that the media has done it’s part to re-elect Owebama, they will actually have to start to do their job to at least give an impression of journalistic integrity. The media will start asking about Benghazi. They’ll have to. Hillary is on her way out so she’ll get thrown under the bus for Libya and the 4 deaths. After Hillary’s demise, Colin Powell will be named Secretary of State….. Payback for his endorsement.

The republicans have already tossed out a proposal for tax reform to keep most of our taxes from going up. This will be rejected by The Senate and Owebama…. The republicans will be blamed.

Now that the Middle Eastern oil producing countries know that we will not have a domestic energy plan that includes the production of oil, the barrel price will go through the roof. We’re not far from $5.00 for a gallon of gas.

The EPA will continue to push for the closure of coal fired power plants. Energy prices will “necessarily skyrocket.”

Unemployment will skyrocket as well… for the obvious reasons.

Don’t get me started on health insurance costs….. It’s too soon.

I’ll stop here for now.

If you voted for Owebama, I have to ask you to document your happiness quotient at this time in your life. Think about this carefully because you will be asked during the next presidential election cycle if you are better off than you were 4 years ago….. If you are honest *ack* you will answer no..

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While listening to the news, I noticed the meteorologist said that the storm was making a left turn and will cause billions of dollars in damage to the  United States…. If it made a right turn, things would be OK…….

Sounds kind of familiar…..

In other news….. Reports are coming in that advisers close to President Obama have verified that it’s not nice to fool mother nature so he is now placing full blame for Hurricane Sandy on the 1978 hit movie, GREASE.

Olivia Newton John was unavailable for comment.

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Four More Beers?

When President Obama was indulging in a fine malt beverage at the Iowa State Fair, many of his minions started chanting “FOUR MORE BEERS!!!!!!” You know…. like yelling four more years…

Four more years of Obama? SERIOUSLY?????

Not even a 30 pack of Keystone Ice could drink that pretty…..

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Going To The Dogs

So today in Iowa, President Obama was ripping on Mitt Romney’s comment about not being able drive with a windmill on top of your car by adding that Mitt has had other things on top of his car…… Specifically his dog.

Of course under Obama, energy prices would necessarily skyrocket and they have which would leave us all so broke that we would have no choice but to eat our dogs.

Meh….. It sounded funnier in my head….

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The Chicks Dig Him!!!

It seems the women have taken a fancy to Mitt Romney.

President Obama was leading amongst the women voters until Newsweek labeled him the FIRST GAY PRESIDENT.


I think not……


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Those Sexist Democrats….

Here’s the poop on the War Against Women”…

It’s the democrats……. THE DEMOCRATS!!!!

The republicans of the state of Wisconsin, in 2010, elected a woman to be Lt. Governor. Second only to the Governor as the highest ranking elected official in Wisconsin…. The democrats of this state are now recalling the Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch…… a woman…… Who are the democrats running to unseat Rebecca???Ira Robins and Mahlon Mitchell…..


This just proves that democrats are sexist and HATE women. There can be no other reason for wanting to recall Lt. Governor Kleefisch.


I invite all you lefties out there to prove me wrong but I ask you to keep in mind what you say about conservatives not liking President Obama….. Remember???? It’s not that we don’t like his policies or his socialist agenda….. It’s because we’re all a bunch of ___________!!!!!!!

Do you remember now?

Now be consistent…..

Shhhhhhhh………. (queue the crickets….)

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The Blame Game………

I’ve been sitting here for an hour trying to write a post about personal responsibility but I’m really at a loss for words….

The news story came out a few days ago about the snowmobiler who lost his life in Beaver Dam Lake over the weekend. While the the loss of life is tragic, a red flag went up when I heard about it. It was the big red WTF flag…… Normally snowmobiling across a lake in February, in Wisconsin, is not a big deal but in a year when it’s surprising that there’s any ice at all you gotta ask yourself……. WTF were they doing on a lake with thin ice when it’s not even cold enough to sustain enough snow to even use the snowmobiles???

THEN the follow up story came out today………

The loss of life wasn’t due to a really poor decision to ride the machines when and where they shouldn’t be…..NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


Those evil maniacal geese killed that man by there incessant sitting on the ice!!!!!! It’s time to kill all of the geese before another “intelligent” life is lost..


The geese?????

I think I may have lost all hope that there is any semblance of personal responsibility left in this world..



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I Love The Smell Of Conservatism In The Morning…. but…..

Yesterday we experienced an election that was not only unnecessary but it was also the most expensive election ever in Wisconsin. We saw the national unions pour millions of dollars and out of state help into local candidates. We had campaigns without platforms. We saw vial personal attacks. We heard many lies from PAC’s and what did it get us?

The same results we got last November. A GOP majority.

The electorate spoke last November and those people who didn’t like it had a tantrum like no other in the history of the United States. There was no basis for these recalls. In life there are winners and losers and in the world of sports when the clock runs out, the game is over. There are no over time periods when the game is lost. You live to play another day and you prepare for the next game on the schedule.

It’s time the legislature of the state of Wisconsin look into changing the recall process. There needs to be proof of dereliction of duty or misconduct in office before these recalls can even be considered.

What a colossal waste of money and time.

Congratulations to the Wisconsin Electorate for showing up and upholding last November’s results. It was a great day but let’s hope we don’t experience it again any time soon.

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Weinerschnitzel……. CANCELLED!!!

It would seem the Wisconsin Democratic Party Convention is going to come up a bit short this weekend as far as speakers go with the premature withdrawal of keynote speaker Anthony Weiner…

Sources close to Rep. Weiner say he was very disappointed that the Brewers were not playing at home this weekend which would make participating in the SAUSAGE RACE impossible…….. so Weiner decided to take his balls and go home…..

….. sorry…. I couldn’t help myself…

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Royally Confused

Didn’t we fight a war against the King of England and his soldiers to achieve independence from the oppressive rule of the King of England?

Why, then, do we give a s**t about the wedding of the future King and Queen of England?

I know we’re friends now but ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!

I wonder if ESPN will preempt the draft for Royal Wedding coverage…..

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Thursday Afternoon G.O.T.O.

If Michelle Obama wants us to believe that her eat healthy campaign is credible, she should probably buy a mirror and check out the size of her own ass….

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Colonel Gaddafi??

So Muammar COLONEL Gaddafi has been ruling Libya for 42 years and he never promoted himself to a General?????


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Some Snowy Sunday Morning Questions

A few things to ponder this morning…..

  1. President Jimmy Carter took away ALL privileges of collective bargaining from federal employees in 1978. With that said, where is the outrage? How many of those federal employees are now homeless because of that decision?
  2. In 2005 Indiana governor Mitch Daniels took away the state’s employees privilege of collective bargaining by executive order…. There was NO DEBATE…… Where were the unions? Where were the protesters??…. Where was the outrage??? How many of those state employees are homeless because of that decision?
  3. Gas priced are surging toward $4.00 per gallon. When are we going to be able to drill here in the U.S so we’re not so dependent on what happens in the Middle East?
  4. Why am I sitting in front of this computer and not outside removing the newly fallen snow??

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Congress Repeals Clinton Anti Gay Legislation!!!

The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is all but done except for the president’s signature.

Do I care? Not really, as long as it doesn’t interfere with our Military’s mission.

The one problem I have is with the hypocrisy of our government…. Yeah yeah yeah… BIG SHOCK.

The government legislates that private businesses can’t ask or even care if someone is gay, straight or dating their sister. They make any kind of remark, that can some way be twisted in a way to make it sexual, illegal. You can’t even tell someone they look nice!!!! Now the government is legislating you to divulge your sexual orientation whether you want to or not. It shouldn’t matter what or who you do on your own time as long as your not breaking any laws and it doesn’t adversely affect your performance on the job. Regardless of the law, no employer should ask and no employee should tell. Are any soldiers going to jump up and scream I’M GAY as a result? I doubt it but if they do and they make an issue of it, they should be fired…. discharged…… but they won’t…… That’s my biggest problem with this.

Now I’ll wait to see if the media tags this to Clinton in the same adverse way they tagged tax cuts for the rich to Bush…….. I won’t be holding my breath.

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Compromise? That’s Chicken Crap!!!

A little history….

In 2001, a law was passed by the federal government that lowered the tax rate for American tax payers. At the time, democrats thought it was a great idea to add a sunset to the bill so theses tax cuts would expire in 2011. Now even thought the tax cuts affected all tax payers, all we heard for the next 8 or 9 years was “The Bush Tax Cuts for the WEALTHY”….. Gosh….. I didn’t know I was wealthy.

In 2006 the democrats took control of congress…… The economy tanks soon after.

In 2008 the majority of Americans bought a huge crap sandwich called the Hopey Changey filled Baguette with a side of fried BS.

In 2010, many sandwich munchers decided that a cheap pizza topped with conservative common sense and a spot of TEA was better…. YUM!!!

As the end 2010 nears, the democrats in charge are now scrambling to get the current tax law extended to protect middle class tax payers BUT WAIT!!!! Weren’t those tax rates or “cuts”, as they were (and still are) called, just for the rich? I guess they’re only for the rich if it’s convenient for the lie the democrats are telling at the time……. Any way, the only way democrats can survive is if they extend the current tax laws BEFORE they expire in 2011. There is no reason for the republicans to compromise on ANYTHING that democrats are trying to pass before the lame duck session is up.

I say “Let em crash.”

The tax rate law should be allowed to expire and a new, permanent law should be passed in it’s place when the new congress is seated in early January. Do you really think the democrats and the president will deny tax “cuts” for anyone in this economy??? I don’t think so…..

No compromise…… No deals. They made the sandwich…. Let them eat it.

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