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Annoying Hillary….


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Be Calm And Have Patience…..

It’s Election Day in Wisconsin!!!

Vote Pridemore and Roggensack!!!


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Is Failure The Only Option?

Unfortunately I feel it is…… I’ve felt this since outcome of the election and to hear Jerry Bott talking today made me want to spill my guts… I know this will not sit well with most of the people I know but we have to look at the big picture. The fact is, we’re stuck Owebama for the next 4 years and there’s nothing we can do about it. The democrats have the upper hand and they think they have a mandate so let’s let them believe it.

The republicans should agree to the purposed democrat tax hikes….

Put the ball back in their court. Let them tell us what cuts are going to be made…. LET THEM OWN THIS!!!

They’re looking for this fight. It’s another shiny object that the democrats are putting out there, along with their partners in the media, to set the republicans up for failure.

If we hold out and January 1st passes, the only people that will be blamed will be the republicans… We don’t have the media on our side and we can’t count on them to air our arguments or even the real facts for that matter. If we don’t take part in the process but at the same time we don’t stall the process, the democrats will completely own the failure….. and it will fail.

Is this going to hurt? You bet it will. People will lose jobs. Stocks will tank and tax revenue will decline and the deficit will keep going through the roof. When this happens there will be nobody to blame except the democrats and Owebama.

Remember…. All of this PLUS the full implementation of Owebamacare is going to happen before the 2014 election cycle and imminent democrat failure will get us back to a republican controlled legislature and an ineffective lame duck Owebama.


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The Consequences of an Election

Now that Obamacare will be fully implemented, employers are taking the necessary actions to keep the doors open. I’m not sure if the following is a direct result of the mandate…. errrrr… TAX that is to be imposed per employee or the result of his business being taxed for the sale of equipment…… or both.

From KXNT in Las Vegas

Vegas Employer: Obama Won–So I Fired 22 Employees

Get used to this folks….. This is going to become a VERY frequent occurrence.

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It’s Time!!

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The Romney/Ryan Ticket

My first thought of this was not good….. We need Ryan in the House because he’s really the only person there who understands the country’s finances but as I sit and think about this I feel it’s a good thing… Ryan will energize the conservative base and as it stands right now, it’s all about getting Obama out of the White House.

Congratulations Paul!!!!

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What Have We Learned?

The following is a post by a friend and fellow blogger, Jessi Olson of WakeupAmerica.

Now that the election is finally over and we no longer have to see those commercials that everyone is sick of, what did we learn?

We learned that the unionistas are loud and annoying but no one is listening. We learned that the drums in the capital echo really loud. We learned that the communist party is alive and well in Wisconsin especially in Madison.  We learned that teachers will bail on their students to drive many miles to protest “supposedly for their students” and then lie about calling in sick.  Also we learned that voter fraud is also alive and well in the inner cities. (Can’t wait till Nov, smoke anyone?) One of my personal favorites, we learned that just because you are a democrat does not mean you have to vote democrat.  “Let’s be clear”, “John Doe” “Rock star” and “collective bargaining” became household terms and some with new meaning.  And we learned about personal threats to politicians such as Gov Walker and Senator Fitzgerald is an unfortunate and scary reality.  These are some of the negative things we learned.

So let’s briefly learn about some of the positive things we learned. Scott Walker is a man of integrity honesty and did as he promised.  We learned that Wisconsin is a state that understands what is at stake and willing to stand up for it. and its governor, who made the tough decisions.  We learned that “up North” really did want the mining regulation to relax so they can create jobs and voted to show this.  We learned that even liberal Obama didn’t want anything to do with this recall.  We learned that tax cuts and reductions in regulation really does create job, wow shocker!  “Lets be clear” this was not a race about Republicans against Democrats.  It wasn’t even Scott Walker against Democrats; it was the unions against Scott Walker.

We learned that Wisconsin will live to see another day.

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The Freedom To Choose

Democrats would have you believe that they are for freedom of choice but that only applies when it comes to abortion but that freedom only consults with one of the two parties involved. The freedom to choose ends when it comes to being part of the public sector unions as it applies to being a public employee……. until now.

Since Wisconsin’s legislature passed Act 10, which allows the public employee to CHOSE whether or not the want be in the union, their membership has plummeted. Total public union membership has fallen from 62,818 to 28,745 since March of 2011….

Now that’s REAL freedom of choice.

Source: WSJ

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We’ll Get Back To You…….

A little Q and no A between The Weekly Standard and Mayor Tommy:

TWS: On collective bargaining, mayor, the governor and his campaign have pointed to a number of… schools across the state that heave benefited from the reforms in Act 10. Which school districts have been hurt in particular, in your view, by Walker’s policies and his reforms? Are there any that stand out in your mind?

BARRETT: Well, I support the restoration of collective bargaining rights. And that’s what this is all about–whether you support workers’ rights. And I support workers’ rights.

TWS: But are there any school districts in particular, though, that have been hurt by Act 10?

BARRETT: I have talked to prison guards, I can tell you that, who are concerned about their own public safety because of the changes in the law, and I’m very concerned about that as well

TWS: But no school districts—

BARRETT: We can do an analysis and get back to you on that.

6 days before the recall election and Mayor Barrett can’t answer the question….. Isn’t this recall about how Governor Walker RUINED the school districts in this state. Does Mayor Tom now that WEAC’s own data supports what Governor Walker and the republicans have been saying about Act 10?


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Help Us Obi John Kenobi, You’re Our Only Hope……..

Tom Barrett, Little Man Tate and the democrats have nothing to run on against Scott Walker……

Their only hope is John Chisholm and it wouldn’t surprise me if he offered up a bogus charge in the 11th hour to help his buddy Tom the Taxer.

Just sayin’……

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The Chicks Dig Him!!!

It seems the women have taken a fancy to Mitt Romney.

President Obama was leading amongst the women voters until Newsweek labeled him the FIRST GAY PRESIDENT.


I think not……


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Those Sexist Democrats….

Here’s the poop on the War Against Women”…

It’s the democrats……. THE DEMOCRATS!!!!

The republicans of the state of Wisconsin, in 2010, elected a woman to be Lt. Governor. Second only to the Governor as the highest ranking elected official in Wisconsin…. The democrats of this state are now recalling the Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch…… a woman…… Who are the democrats running to unseat Rebecca???Ira Robins and Mahlon Mitchell…..


This just proves that democrats are sexist and HATE women. There can be no other reason for wanting to recall Lt. Governor Kleefisch.


I invite all you lefties out there to prove me wrong but I ask you to keep in mind what you say about conservatives not liking President Obama….. Remember???? It’s not that we don’t like his policies or his socialist agenda….. It’s because we’re all a bunch of ___________!!!!!!!

Do you remember now?

Now be consistent…..

Shhhhhhhh………. (queue the crickets….)

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Straws And The Grasping There Of…..

With a record of huge tax and fee increases, rising unemployment and one of the worst public education systems in the country, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is attacking the Walker campaign for setting up a legal defense fund. Of course the uber-lame Milwaukee media outlets are falling in lockstep with the Barrett campaigns so-called challenge which is no surprise.

My question to the Barrett campaign…..

Really Mayor Barrett???? That’s all you got????

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Yes, Virginia, The Unions ARE a Special Interest

Gosh I just love listening to liberals bitch about how much the Koch Brothers are spending on republican candidates like  Scott Walker while they’re waving a a blue fist union sign in your face.

Here’s a little perspective for you written by Christain Schneider for National Review.

A snippet…..

The National Institute on Money in State Politics data show that in 2010, across all states, public-sector unions spent about $150 million — up from $130 million in 2008 and $118 million in 2006. In 2010, unions gave Democratic candidates $86,641,325 and spent $53,663,888 on ballot measures; the rest (less than 10 percent of the total) went to Republicans and third-party candidates. This means that public-sector unions were in the top five biggest-spending interest groups trying to influence politics at the state level.

The complete article is HERE.

Somebody send this link to Dan Bice!!!!!!

I wonder how much these unions pay in taxes????? Hmmmm……

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FALK YOU!!!!!!

I had the misfortune of listening to the ramblings of that liberal darling of Madistan, Kathleen Falk, on Wisconsin’s Afternoon News on WTMJ. The interview left me asking only one question…….

“What color is the sky in your world, Kathleen???”

She’s running for governor of Wisconsin because Scott Walker has basically ruined the state. How you ask?

Apparently Governor Walker is responsible for the largest cut to education since the invention of public education. What do I say???


If you feel the need to place blame for the reduction in funds for education, you might want to crank up the old wall phone and call your buddy Diamond Jim Doyle  and his pal Oblahblah and ask them about that. You see Kathleen, Jimmy Boy took a bunch of money from the Federal Government  to help feed the beast that is WEAC. Those funds are no longer available. If the money isn’t available to spend, you can’t add it to the education budget. You could have figured this out by applying some basic economic principles and math skills……. or ………… Maybe your lying…Hmmmmmmm.

What other madness is Governor Walker responsible for??? Did you know he gave 2 BILLION dollars in tax breaks to BIG YUCKY BUSINESS?????…… Once again kathleen….


Tax breaks are only available for businesses relocating to Wisconsin that hire Wisconsinites….. HOW EVIL!!!!!

Kathleen also complained about all of the jobs that were lost since Governor Walker has been in office even though the DWD is reporting that over 21,000 more people are employed in this state than the same time last year…… again with the basic math Kathy….

This is what the recall season is going to be like. One lie and misleading statement after another. I guess that’s just a normal election campaign for a democrat……

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1000 Days

It’s been 1000 days and this congress and president have not passed a budget. Now the Campaigner in Chief wants 1.2 trillion more of our tax dollars.

Oblahblah has been to 73 campaign functions and golfed almost 100 times since being immaculated.

800 billion failed stimulus.

500 million to the failed Solyndra that is now paying it’s executives up to 50 thousand dollars in bonuses.

Billions given to the UAW.


That’s just scratching the surface…..

November can’t come quick enough.

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It’s Working

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Over 300 million people in this great country and this is the best we can do???……

It’s not real hard to figure out why 41% of republicans in Iowa are undecided…….

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I Love The Smell Of Conservatism In The Morning…. but…..

Yesterday we experienced an election that was not only unnecessary but it was also the most expensive election ever in Wisconsin. We saw the national unions pour millions of dollars and out of state help into local candidates. We had campaigns without platforms. We saw vial personal attacks. We heard many lies from PAC’s and what did it get us?

The same results we got last November. A GOP majority.

The electorate spoke last November and those people who didn’t like it had a tantrum like no other in the history of the United States. There was no basis for these recalls. In life there are winners and losers and in the world of sports when the clock runs out, the game is over. There are no over time periods when the game is lost. You live to play another day and you prepare for the next game on the schedule.

It’s time the legislature of the state of Wisconsin look into changing the recall process. There needs to be proof of dereliction of duty or misconduct in office before these recalls can even be considered.

What a colossal waste of money and time.

Congratulations to the Wisconsin Electorate for showing up and upholding last November’s results. It was a great day but let’s hope we don’t experience it again any time soon.

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POP QUIZ!!!!!!!

One question and one question only today……

Who can explain the “Tax breaks for big corporations” that the union folk are complaining about????

Talk amongst yourselves….. This is open book.

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